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Backyard Putting Greens in Tennessee

Custom Putting Greens that Fit your Location

If you live in Tennessee you understand the complexity of Tennessee’s landscapes. From the Appalachian Mountains of hills and farmlands to the Gulf Coastal Plain near the Tennessee River, the geography of Tennessee provides a myriad of landscapes. Luckily, Envyscapes’ customized backyard putting greens perfectly blend in with the complex Tennessee landscape. Offering custom service to fit your specific area, our team works with you to build your dream putting green. From golf greens to pet safe turf, we combine multiple varieties of the finest grass alternatives to fit your location and needs.

Envyscapes’ customized backyard putting greens perfectly blend in with the complex Tennessee landscape.

Discover Envyscapes


Envyscapes is the premier backyard putting green manufacturer in Tennessee. With over 15 years of installation experience, our team has developed a more thorough and complete installation process for our clients. Along with experience in grass systems, we also have specified professional backgrounds in golf course design, construction, and landscape architecture.

Through this experience, we’ve developed an installation process that best suits our goals as a company and the needs of our clients. We begin with a client consultation that opens the lines of communication and determines the outline of the project. From there we work hard to provide the best putting green system for each and every client.

Along with staying in touch with our clients, we also believe in personal and professional integrity and put our client relationships first. Through honest consultation and industry-leading installation techniques, Envyscapes designs, develops, and delivers the best results industry-wide

The Tennessee Difference

In the landscaping industry, location matters! Envyscapes has done professional golf course system installs all over the country from small backyards to entire golf courses. No matter how large or small your project is, we have the experience, team, and know how to get your job done and done right. Trust in Envyscapes to take your yard or business to the next level!

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