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Where it Started

Before Envyscapes came to be, Preston Moon was working with his father to design and build Arnold Palmer golf courses all over the country. “My dad taught me how to shape greens starting that the age of 8. He would drive bulldozers shaping and creating some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.” It was through these experiences at such an early age and his father teaching him the absolutes of attention to detail that help make Envyscapes what it is today.

About wes moon
It Runs in the Family

Mr. Wes Moon

Preston Moon worked with his father to design and build Arnold Palmer golf courses all over the world. These experiences and years of synthetic grass and turf installs set Envyscapes apart from the competition.

Why we are different

Passion Player

Preston played professional golf for six years. “I’ve walked a lot of courses, let me tell you! It may sound crazy, but when you’re able to look and see the blades of grass and know how the length and direction will affect a ball, and you can apply these experiences to producing synthetic grass that can look better than the real stuff– that’s when you know you’ve got a fantastic product!”

As a pro golfer, he knows how to read a course, understands how the grass can affect how the ball travels, etc. This knowledge is what goes into every custom design and installation to make your custom synthetic grass or turf landscaping look better than the real thing!

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Pro Designs

Creating a Winner

Our goal is to bring the best materials and installation techniques together to offer world-class synthetic grass systems. Realizing that synthetic grass is not something most people commonly know about, we are dedicated to our client’s understanding and security about their investment.

We believe in personal and professional integrity and put our client relationships first. Through honest consultation and industry-leading installation techniques, Envyscapes designs, develops, and delivers the best results industry-wide.

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