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Envyscapes makes superior landscapes a possibility with the best-in-class synthetic turf and grass applications. Our team’s number one goal is to bring the best materials and installation techniques together to give you world-class synthetic grass systems. We believe in personal and professional integrity and put our client relationships first. Through honest consultation and industry-leading installation techniques, Envyscapes designs, develops, and delivers the best results industry-wide. Take a look at some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions to find out more.

About Our Work

What sizes do you do?

  • Residential Putting Greens Indoor/Outdoor
  • Commercial Applications
  • Full Synthetic Golf Courses
  • Scholastic Practice and Training Facilities
  • PGA Teaching Facilities
  • Tee Mats/Tee Lines
  • Driving Ranges fully Synthetic/Target Greens

What type of surfaces do you sell?

• Synthetic Grass
• Playgrounds
• Dog Parks / Pet Areas
• Sports Fields
• Putting Greens
• Residential Lawns and Landscape Applications
• Commercial Applications
• Fitness

Why should I choose Envyscapes to install my putting green or synthetic lawn?

Envyscapes has the best and most thorough installation processes in the country. Our installation techniques have been perfected through the 10 combined years of synthetic grass work and 8 years of golf course design and construction. We only use the latest and most state-of-the-art synthetic grass available on the market today. Our scope of ability combined with impeccable customer service gives Envyscapes an edge over our competition.

What maintenance is required for synthetic grass?

Very minimal maintenance is required. Mainly keeping debris off is all that is needed! A leaf blower, broom and even a rake are fine to use on your artificial turf lawn.

Does synthetic grass drain?

Yes! Our products offer excellent drainage. Remember that most applications are more apt to surface shed rather than percolate, so the installation is just as important to drainage as the turf itself!

What can I expect?

  • Clear Native Vegetation
  • Compact Subgrade
  • Prep Area for Drainage
  • 1” minus Crushed Granite Sub Base Application
  • Compact Base
  • 1/4” minus Granite Screenings
  • Compact Final Grade
  • Geosynthetic Textile Layer
  • Prep Base for Synthetic Turf
  • Infill
  • Power Broom and final touches

How does weather affect my synthetic putting green?

The turf Envyscapes installs comes with an 8-year manufacturer warranty that even covers exposure to sunlight. Our warranties give homeowners a peace of mind regarding the quality of the installed turf. There is no worry when it comes to fading, even under harsh sunny conditions. Large quantities of sustained water/snow are the main concerns regarding a putting green. Envyscapes designs all putting greens to shed water in compliance to USGA putting green specifications. Our professional installation coupled with proper annual maintenance will guarantee a beautiful and responsive putting green.

Is your product environmentally safe?

Yes! Synthetic grass eliminates the need for watering, chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Our turf creates minimal leaching into your soil, which helps sustain the earth’s natural characteristics. Not only is it our responsibility to help sustain Earth, but homeowners will save money as well. 70% of residential water is used outdoors, so by eliminating the need to water the lawn, average home water charges drop by 30%! That’s an average savings of 23,000 gallons of water per household! This is one reason why artificial turf is one contributor to LEED points needed for homes to be recognized by this international green building program.

Does synthetic grass get hot?

Synthetic grass does not have any natural cooling properties in it like live grass does. So just like any dark colored surfaces, the turf will heat up with its environment. The great part about synthetic grass is a quick spray with the garden hose will cool the surface immediately!

Will Envyscapes help me if I don't know what to purchase?

Trying to understand artificial turf systems is a daunting task! We are here for customers in every aspect of their purchase, install and ongoing maintenance! Our team of trained professionals will be able to help guide you through your synthetic grass experience. Please feel free to ask us any questions you would like about artificial turf, and we will feel free to share our honest opinions!

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